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How better breeders can get the prices they deserve

Are you a breeder who goes the extra mile to rear fantastic canine companions? All too often breeder like you …

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How to get great cashflow between litters

Most dog breeders have a champagne or beer lifestyle… Plenty of money when you’ve just sold a litter, but close …

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Are your puppy prices too low? Here’s the market you should be aiming for.

There’s a growing market of elite buyers. You know, the ones that do lots of research before deciding on where …

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No puppy waiting list? Do this.

If you’re relying on puppy sales sites to sell your pups you’re always selling on the fly. And getting the …

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How to get special prices for your ordinary pups

Does your puppy price vary a lot depending on the puppy? Teacup sizes, blue eyes and special colored pups always …

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The biggest tip to a Facebook page that works

Have a Facebook page that’s just sitting there? Here’s the single biggest thing to do to get it to the …

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Left-over pups? Here’s one solution you may not have considered.

The best way to avoid having puppies left over is to breed what people want. Here’s one solution that won’t suit …

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Find exactly the right owners for your special-use puppies

Have you carefully developed your lines to be great at something practical? Maybe they’re gun dogs or therapy dogs?  Or …

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Online learning Apps

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