The only dog breeding program in the world with word-for-word emails, templates and systems proven to attract the highest prices and most discerning owners without you even trying to sell.

Elite Breeder Formula helps breeders prosper through becoming known for producing superior canine companions at the top end of the market.

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What is it?

It’s a 3-step system designed to attract the best owners, and dramatically increase your income and cashflow.

No more competing on price or discounting the last pup.

No more hit and miss puppy rearing and advertising strategies that waste your valuable time and money.

No more anxiety and struggle to find great homes for all your puppies.

Just follow the system and in a few months you’ll have top owners on tap putting down fat deposits to be on your WAITING list for your amazing canine companions.

Best part is it’s simple and you’ll be seeing top prices for your puppies within 8 weeks.

How it works is INSTEAD OF using unproven, ordinary ways to attract owners I show you how to QUICKLY stand out as an Elite Breeder using my simple, proven and effective emails, marketing and rearing methods.

But this program is NOT for everybody.

Elite Breeder Formula is only for breeders who are willing to learn and change their approach; commit to follow the Elite Breeder System and provide the most wonderful pets possible to a hungry market of discerning owners.

Only then can Elite Breeder Formula training lead you to the breeding business you want, the income you want, and the impact you want for your owners.

The program is delivered like this:

8 Modules Of Online Training delivered over 8 weeks (with 1 year+ to complete)

You’ll get access to 8-weeks of online training that you get at least 12 MONTHS to complete.

The training teaches Dr Meg’s proven formula for attracting top owners eager to place fat deposits to be on your WAITING list for your amazing canine companions.

Best part is it’s simple and you’ll be seeing top prices for your puppies within a few months (depending on how quickly you implement the training of course!).

How? INSTEAD OF following the herd and using unproven, ordinary ways to attract owners I show you how to QUICKLY stand out as an Elite Breeder earning top price for your puppies.  Even better, you get access to proven emails, templates, marketing and rearing methods you can use in your own breeding business.

Week 1: How to price your puppies for maximum profit by giving maximum value to owners + FAST Ways to Find Great Homes for Leftover Puppies

Week 2: How to get found by top owners fast by getting to the top of Google!

Week 3: How to quickly and easily handle inquiries so top owners want to commit to you.

Week 4: How to keep your finger on the pulse of your business using the Elite Breeder Program Easy Records System

Week 5: Scientific but simple secrets to rearing elite puppies

Week 6: How to match your puppies to their ideal owners

Week 7: Insider Secrets to Awesome Puppy Open Days, and the Puppy Handover Day Protocol

Week 8: Attract lots of the right buyers with a website that works!

Week 9 BONUS:  Repro management for more puppies

Week 10: BONUS: How to benefit handsomely from excess owner demand (a
nice problem to have!)



12-Months+ Of LIVE Weekly Q&A Support

To make sure you reach your end goal, Elite Breeder Formula is there with you every step of the way.

You’ll meet LIVE every week to participate in an Elite Breeder Formula Q and A group session for answering your questions on the spot.

Not only do you get your questions answered, you get to benefit from the power of a mastermind group – your fellow breeders who are all on a similar journey to you.

PLUS… you can also ask questions in between times in the dedicated Private “Elite Breeder Formula” Facebook Group for a speedy written response.


Our Private Facebook Group

This is so you never feel alone and can meet other like-minded breeders as yourself.

Outside of the LIVE Q&A, you can have all your questions answered in our Private Facebook Group.

Even better, because Dr Meg only allows the best to enter this program, you will be part of a committed and supportive mastermind group, where support and help is only a click away.


3 Licenses that make sales and marketing that much easier

Instead of having to work out how to create emails that turn prospective owners into committed buyers by just clicking “send”, the first license you get is to the Elite Breeder Formula Email Template Set.

This gets you up and running fast. Just insert your information into Dr Meg’s email – it’s fast, easy and wickedly effective.

Secondly, you won’t need to work out what to put into your Puppy Manual. That’s because every single word is handed to you in our Elite Breeder Formula Puppy Manual Template. It’s packed with the latest tips for owners on how to rear happy, healthy puppies, and does all the thinking for you.

And to allow you to cope effortlessly with the flood of Elite owners you’re going to attract, you also get full use of the Elite Breeder Formula Easy-Records-System to keep track on all your owners and puppies.


Who is your trainer?

It’s taken Dr Meg Howe 30-years to be here with you today. It had to take that long for her to make enough mistakes… to find enough solutions… and to get enough results when it comes to developing a proven system that earns dog breeders the best puppy prices in the market.

Dr Meg has had incredible results like continually breaking the record price paid by owners for her breed and generating such strong demand that she’s had to recruit other breeders in her program to meet it. So if you were to say she was an expert breeder’s coach, we would agree.

Out of all the people who try and pitch you on helping you to achieve the outcomes you want, only 1 in 20 will actually be an expert coach.

The rest will be pretenders. Trying to cash in on the industry. But never having been the leading national breeder in their breed, set and gotten the best prices for their puppies or the outstanding owner satisfaction she has. Experience which can solve your problems in an instant.

Even if you find one that has some results, he or she will maybe know how to do a part of the process, but they won’t have created a system proven to do the lot: make you a magnet for high-ticket owners and deliver the best canine companions that money can buy.

They won’t have had to collaborate with other like-minded breeders to meet the overwhelming demand for top-end puppies they generate. They won’t have created and refined templates for customer emails that do the selling for you, nor continually improved their puppy rearing strategy by keeping up with the latest research.

This is what it takes. Because it’s hard out there. And that’s where Dr Meg makes a difference, and that difference is one that all breeders that follow the Elite Breeder Formula can make: A better life for dogs and their owners, one puppy at a time.

Today she only lets the most suitable breeders into her programs. Again, this sort of experience is what will protect you too and help change your life dramatically.

Dr Meg can show you how to work less, but make a heap more.  She is about optimising everything you do to get the greatest result from the least effort.

And everything Dr Meg does also comes with a money-back guarantee. So rest assured that no matter what others promise you, when it comes to creating the dog breeding business you really want, Dr Meg Howe’s help will get you there faster.

And if it doesn’t, then it won’t cost you a cent.

Best of all, she makes things simple.


We don’t know you, your program or how well you can implement what we teach. Most people don’t even get around to doing what we teach.

So any results mentioned on this website are not typical. It takes effort, persistence and patience. With any business there is always a chance of things not working out.

Any results or claims made on this site in no way promise as to what you can make out of what we do or what we teach.

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When you join the Elite Breeder Formula program no-one else from your state or province who breeds the same breed as you is permitted to join.  That way you can get to the top of your market and STAY there.  

However, if you fail to complete the Elite Breeder Formula program within 12 months of joining, your position becomes available to a new breeder.  A functioning website built according to the Elite Breeder guidelines is sufficient evidence of completing the program.